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You learnt about cell. What do you have learnt? That it is a basic and structural unit of life and they are building blocks of life.

Now its time to learn it in detail. Can you tell me that you first discovered the cell? Don’t know, ok I’ll give you a hint: who    first discovered the dead cell? Now its easy to answer, the correct answer is Robert Hooke. According tome you have also thought that answer. Now tell me in which year did he discovered this dead cell. The answer is 1665.


You have heard about the word “microscope”   and you have also studied about this but can you tell that how many types of microscopes are there and what is the actual meaning of microscope? Can you tell the meaning from only seeing from the word. If yes then this might be your answer. “Micro” means very small and “scope” means to look or to see. This implies that the word “Microscope” means to see very small things.

I’ve asked that how many microscopes are there. Basically there are two types of microscopes:

  • Simple microscope
  • Compound microscope

Based on illumination there are 4 types of microscopes:

  • Optical microscope – Source of illumination is light
  • Electron microscope – Source of illumination is beam of electron whose wavelength is 10,000-1,00,000 times less                                                                      than light.
  • Ultraviolet microscope – Source of illumination is UV rays.
  • X-ray microscope – Source of illumination is X-ray.

Discovery of cell–  Robert Hooke first discovered the dead cell. He was a Lens Grinder by profession. One day when he was grinding his lenses and making microscopes, one thin slice of cork fell under his microscope and he observed that there were many empty compartment surrounded with cell wall made of cellulose, that is why he named “Cellulae”. He then published a book named “Micrographia” in which he wrote all his findings.

Then comes the revolution in the field of biology many people discovered many things and one of the person named “Anton-Von-Leeuwenhoek” discovered the first living cell. He made all his discoveries with all living organisms. And that is why he was called Father of Microbiology and Father of  Microscopy.

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