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What is Maths? Why some children fear from it? Is it interesting?

Yeah we have answer to this. Maths as all of us know that it is subject where we learn algebra, geometry etc.  If we think on another side it is fun and on other it  is useful. Maths in our daily life affects us in many ways which we often does not  recognize it. Ex: In banks, Maths is mostly used, it is used for calculating interests, loans, income…………………..and many more things. Some children fear from it because  they see maths as a monster or any bad sort of thing.

On other hand we get many benefits of maths, we get loans and interest and we are able to pay it off. If there is no maths than we are not able to pay it and the cycle of loans  go on forever. And when we go for buying bike then the rate of bike depends upon the quality of parts and the quality of engine.


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